My Portfolio

A showcase of my projects and my abilities.

My name is
Stelios Mantzouranis

I am a Software Engineer and these are my personal projects so far.

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Eshop Restful API


An e-shop Restful API created using Node.js , Express.js and MongoDB (Mongoose ODM).Created as a task for an interview in 3 days.It involves 4 Resources and authentication is achieved via JSON web token , while password storage is done with bcryptjs hashing.

Search Engine

photo of python code

Search Engine developed in Python 3.6.Features of the project include multithreading, website crawling using python's urllib , data extraction from HTML using bs4, natural language processing using nltk , inverted Index creation and lastly query process capabilities.

Memory Card Game

photo of java swing modal

Game Developed in Java 9 using swing library. Features of the game include multiplayer capabilities , record keeping and VS. CPU gaming.